Essential Oils Follow-Up

Hooray! I got my first comment today! I’m so excited! Somebody out there is actually reading what I write.

Anyway, today I am following up on this post, in which I talked about some of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. I mentioned a client who had bought some oils for some knee pain. A friend had recommended them to him, so I sold him some Sandalwood (the most expensive of the three and recommended for cartilage), Lemongrass (for pain and inflammation), and Birch Sweet (for tendons and pain). He has been using them for a couple of weeks, and reports that he has experienced much improvement.

I’m always excited when the miracles of these oils help people. I use Birch Sweet on my hands after giving a massage. It has worked wonders on eliminating the pain I was living with on a daily basis.

Today I recommended a drink of water with peppermint, lemon and Lavender for hayfever (again–make sure the oiles are 100% pure, therapeutic grade!!!). I am anxious to find out how he fared. This mixture always does it for me. What a blessing it has been to go all summer without beind doped up with antihistamines.

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