Don’t Be Shy — Give it a Try!

A client called me this afternoon all excited that she had recommended me to a mutual acquaintance. The acquaintance knows that I’m a massage therapist, but like a lot of people, he isn’t sure whether or not he wants to try it. He’s heard stories about people who come away from a massage in pain, or they don’t feel well, or they didn’t receive the kind of touch they were  hoping for.

My client was able to testify to him that I do give great massages. I make it a priority to pay attention to what the client wants and needs. Especially in the beginning, I instruct them that it is their job to tell me how they are feeling and if they would like more or less pressure. I wrote more about what massage is like in this entry. Communication, especially during the first appointment, is crucial in helping me (or any massage therapist) understand what your particular issues are.

There are, of course, massage therapists out there who insist on telling you what you need and you will come away feeling like she just didn’t care. I’m not one of them. If you’ve had a bad experience, try another massage therapist. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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