Pain Management

It never ceases to fascinate me how many different things massage can help. Notice that I did NOT say “cure.” Some things cannot be cured, and some can be fixed by doctors with medications, etc. What I’m referring to here is how the body responds to the safe, nurturing touch of massage.

Today I had a client who suffers from a lot of stress in her shoulders and who also has fibromyalgia. When she came in, her shoulders were hunched up nearly to her ears. She has multiple other problems as well. But after her massage, she was noticibly more relaxed. Her shoulders were down almost to where they should be. She looked happier. She said she was in less pain.

There is a physiological sequence of events that takes place when a person is touched. If a person feels safe and cared for, the touch of another human being brings a sense of instant relief. It’s as if the body is saying, “Oh, good! Someone is here to help … I can let go of all the problems I’m hanging onto and let somebody else worry about it for a while!”  Clients who start out talking and trying to meet what they think are my expectations usually (with a lot of gentle reminding) finally just relax and stop thinking and just enjoy the sensation.

They leave happier and better able to cope with their lives. And I’m happy that I can help them.

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