Reasons for Therapeutic Massage

Thursday in my BNI networking meeting, I had to give the 1o-minute presentation. Our group is so large, we only are able to do it once in about 13 months. I talked about some of the different modalities that I do and how people can refer business to me. I decided to write it here so that if you live in my area, you will know what kinds of things I do in my practice, and if you don’t live in my area, you will know what massage therapists can do for you or the people around you.

  • Gift certificates
    • Gift certificates are a very easy and convenient way to spoil or pamper almost anyone on your gift list. Reasons for giving a gift certificate:
      • Birthdays
      • Holidays (Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Christmas, etc.)
      • Anniversaries
      • Just because I was thinking of you and you need a break
      • You are in pain and I’ve heard that massage is great for that, and I know a great massage therapist.
      • You’ve been a great coach/teacher/mentor to my child and I want to show my appreciation.
    • Things to listen for when being open for referrals
      • “My wife’s/husband’s birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to give her/him.”
      • He/She is so hard to buy for!
    • What to say: “I know a massage therapist who sells gift certificates for all occasions. Her prices are really reasonable, she’s really good, and she will even come to your house for a small fee.”
  • Wellness/Maintenance
    • Research has shown that regular massage reduces stress, speeds recovery from injury (whether accidental or surgical), and helps prevent injuries by increasing flexibility. Massage aids the movement of lymph fluid, which is essential to the immune system, so it helps you to stay well and recover more quickly. It has also been shown to be effective in easing the pain and discomfort of things like fibromyalgia, and arthritis. The nurturing touch of massage brings relief to people with terminal illnesses.
    • Things to listen for when being open for referrals:
      • I’ve had this headache for three days!
      • I just got back from gym/marathon/triathlon/bike ride/hike and my legs/butt/back is killing me!
      • My job is stressing me out. I have a hard time sleeping at night.
      • I carry my stress in my shoulders. My neck and shoulders have been killing me for DAYS.
      • I wish I knew how to make my mom/dad who is in the care center feel better.
      • My wrist hurts and my fingers feel tingly. I think I’m getting carpal tunnel
      • I have such a pain in my shoulder! I can’t raise my arm above here.
      • This limp? I don’t know…my hip kind of hurts. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.
    • What to say: “I’ve heard (or better yet—I’ve had) massage is great for that. Have you tried it? You should go to Maria. She’ll even come to you if you need it. Here’s her card. Is it okay if I have her give you a call?”
  • Promotional/Chair Massage
    • Chair massage is an economical, convenient way to get a massage in the middle of the day at work. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to worry about undressing or time constraints. I will come to you and you just pay for however many minutes you have time for. My time to travel to your location is included in the $1 per minute fee. In any event, the benefits are more than just esthetic. Yes, it feels great to relax in the middle of the day, but some of the other benefits are:
      • Reduced stress, which leads to
      • Increased ability to focus
      • Decreased likelihood of illness (many illnesses and diseases are the result of stress)
      • Reduced levels of stress hormones, decreased anxiety and restored calmness.
      • Increased job satisfaction and moral
      • Relieves issues that result from repetitive tasks, helping prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome
      • Studies show that employers who offer this service on a regular basis have a better “bottom line.” 

And that’s just a few of the many reasons that it makes sense to see a massage therapist!

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