Emotional Release

One of the reasons I love being on the receiving end of a massage is for the emotional release that I get. All of us have “issues” — emotions, thoughts, memories, events — that we harbor within us. Some of these issues somehow seem to be stored in the muscle tissue. Well, really, we know that the brain stores information, but sometimes that issue will cause us to flex a certain muscle without realizing it, or we will worry ourselves into a frenzy and wonder why we can’t sleep at night.

Massage is a wonderful way to let your troubles melt away. As the massage therapist works on the muscle that is giving you problems, you might have flashbacks of memories associated with that muscle.  As the muscle problem is worked out, you might sense a release of the trauma from your mind and emotions. You may laugh or cry or feel some other emotion as the “issue” is worked out. You don’t have to talk about it — your massage therapist is not a psychiatrist, after all — but you might feel that your burdens have been lifted.

I have clients whose tissues retain the memories of years of traumatic events. Every time they come in, it’s like peeling an onion; another layer is released and they begin to emerge more and more from the place where they have been emotionally trapped. In cases such as these, I recommend that they also see a qualified psychologist to help them work out their problems because I am neither licensed nor qualified to help them do that. But massage can work hand-in-hand with that type of therapy.

And for the issues that are not quite so deep, massage therapy can work wonders.

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