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I went for a massage the other day. I had worked hard with a boatload of clients last week, I made it to the gym after a brief absence and my muscles betrayed me. I needed it. I earned it.

So I went in and got on the table and the massage therapist asked me what I needed and I told him and he did a great job on my back and legs. But the timer in my head from doing a ton of massages told me it was time to turn over, and he just kept working on my back, working on my back. I’m sitting there thinking, “Okay, dude! It’s time to turn over!” Well, he finally did, and then worked on my head and arms, then he got around to looking at the time and discovered that he had gone over his 50-minute time slot, so he suddenly said, “Oops, we went over, sorry.” And that was it. End of massage. Next client, please.

Now, I’m generally pretty understanding because every massage therapist has been trapped in some kind of time constraints that didn’t work out exactly right, but the last three massages I’ve received have ended like this.  I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the only one left who actually finishes the massage in the allotted time. Okay, I know I’m not; it’s just been a series of unfortunate occurrences. And since I own my own practice, I can schedule appointments far enough apart that if I need to take a little extra time on a client’s trouble spots, I don’t need to feel rushed and the client gets what they paid for.

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