Massage and Community Service

Part of being a business owner, I’m discovering,¬†involves getting out there and being a part of the community. As a lifelong introvert, I’m having to get outside of my comfort zone and be more gregarious and involved. No more sitting at home reading a novel by the fire! Networking, community service, and teaching classes are all part of the experience of “getting my name out there” and building a reputation as a qualified massage therapist. Every new thing adds to my experience and growth.

This week I spent a couple of days at the Festival of Trees, a Utah tradition that goes back 40 years. Every year, this wonderful organization puts together a fund-raiser for the Primary Children’s Medical Center, raising much-needed funds to help children with health problems.

I spent two days giving seated chair massages to the wonderful women who organize this wonderful event. Hundreds of trees and other Christmas-themed items are donated and auctioned off, and attending is a treat for the eyes. 100% of the proceeds go toward the medical center, as all time and materials are donated.

Sometimes the work you do is about making a profit and earning a living. Sometimes it’s about giving back. A gift of gratitude for the success that I’ve enjoyed this year.

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One of the beautiful trees at Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees

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