Massage Need Not be a “Guilty Pleasure”

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated my blog…apologies to anyone who might actually be reading this. So far the only notes I’ve gotten have been spammers, but you never know…someone might actually be “listening.”

I entered a photo today in an informal contest between people with similar interests. The category was “guilty pleasure.” It got me to wondering what people’s guilty pleasures are. I have a sweet tooth. I try to steer it in the direction of fruits and other things that are good for my body, but I do love me some cookies. Yum! Christmas season is the hardest for me because EVERYBODY brings me cookies as a gift. And I love them too much to allow my husband to take them to work and give them away! Giving away that deliciousness? Never!

My guilty pleasures - Cookies, grapes, nuts, and good books

Some people think that massage is a “guilty pleasure” — something that they enjoy but feel that it’s frivolous or somehow a waste of time or money. I’m here to dissuade you of that notion! Massage is good for you! Here’s why:

  1. It releases stress. When you are stressed, you just simply aren’t at your best. You are short with your children and significant other, you don’t do your job well, your mind is distracted and unable to focus, and you’re so emotionally wrung-out that you don’t sleep well. You don’t have to look very far to find a doctor who will tell you that this is not good. Lack of sleep, lack of energy, lack of happiness in general will cause all manner of health problems from headaches to high blood pressure to heart disease to even cancer. Take some time to de-stress.
  2. It supports the immune system. Massage releases tension from muscles and improves the flow of fluids in the body, including lymph. Lymph is the body’s defense against disease. The lymph nodes are where anti-bodies are produced to fight off bacteria and viruses and other pathogens. Massage helps keep the fluids flowing so that the body doesn’t get “clogged up” and is able to process things more efficiently.
  3. Massage promotes better sleep. The more relaxed and pain-free you are, the better you will sleep. The better you sleep, the better you will be at your job and your interations with other people. Life just generally looks better when you’re relaxed.

I could go on and on about how wonderful massage is for you.

So stop feeling guilty! This is a good investment in your future self. Make an appointment today.

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