Pregnancy Massage

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the different ways that massage can help people. One of the most helpful is pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy is very hard on a woman’s body. The muscles of the abdomen are stretched and separated, the center of gravity is thrust forward, forcing the pelvis into a forward tilt, which tweaks the back and all the associated muscles through the lumbar region. In the latter stages of pregnancy, the pelvic bone separates in preparation for the delivery of the baby, causing hip discomfort. The body compensates for the distortion, which brings pain and discomfort to other parts of the body: the upper back, the neck, the knees. The inguinal area of the upper thighs is constricted, sometimes restricting the flow of lymph through the lymph nodes, causing swollen ankles.

Sounds like every woman’s dream, right? Ah, the miracle of birth!

Of course, that’s not ALL of what pregnancy is about, is it? Women are more than willing to sacrifice a few months of discomfort for the joy of bringing a precious life into the world.

Massage to the rescue! Massage is a natural way to relieve pain and discomfort to tired, aching muscles. Lymphatic drainage can reduce the swelling in the legs. Massage can restore peace and relaxation to the mother, which in turn will help the baby. When the pregnancy is far enough along, and if the mother will permit, massage to the abdomen actually massages the baby, and m any massage therapists comment that the baby even seems to enjoy it!

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