A New Beginning

Exciting things have been happening with my practice.

I’ve had to move.

This has been both stressful and exciting, as I move once again into a new adventure in life.

My new office is a lot smaller than my old one, so I’ve had to pare down on some of the furnishings and miscellaneous “stuff” that I’ve accumulated. (Isn’t it amazing how much piles up in just a few years’ time? I swear that somebody broke into my office and deposited things when I wasn’t looking! Where did it come from?) So my new office is more compact and junk-free. but I still have the space I need for helping clients feel better, and they’ve already started coming in.

I will be having an open house on April 20 and offering some specials and a drawing for those who attend. If you live in the Salt Lake area, I hope you can make it.  If you join my page on Facebook, you will be able to stay on top of updates and specials.

My web page: www.MoonTideMassage.com

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