How Time Flies!

I wonder who is responsible for taking about 5 hours out of my days. Didn’t it seem that the days were a lot longer when you were younger? I know they did for me. And just now, it suddenly occurred to me that –hello!– I have a blog to feed, and it hasn’t been fed for about a month!

I am loving my practice in my new location. I have my own office, for which I pay rent, so it’s all mine and I don’t have to worry about other people. I considered sharing it with someone to save money on rent, but I’m really enjoying the solitude, to tell you the truth!

I have been super-busy trying to learn the art of networking, as always. This is a struggle for me, as I’ve always been a loner who shies away from crowds. I had an open house a few weeks ago that was moderately successful and I’m thinking about other options to attract new clients to my door.

On a personal level, my husband decided that we needed to go on a vacation. He always picks the most inconvenient time to do this, but I won’t go there. We had a nice time in Zion National Park and I got to practice some photography:

I came back relaxed and ready to work! If you’re stressed and need to relax or have a knot that needs working on, give me a call!

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