Lymphatic Drainage

I’ve had a chance recently to practice lymphatic drainage on some clients who had a real need. This is opposed to clients who just let me practice on them so that I could keep up my skills on the technique. The “practice” clients might have had some slight congestion or trouble breating, but outside of that, no major problems that could be measured and observed.

In recent weeks, though, I’ve had people who were injured in some way: They either¬†fell or were struck by an object that left abrasions, bruising and swelling. During the course of their massage, I practiced some lymphatic drainage in the affected areas.

Lymphatic drainage is a light-touch modality wherein the lymphatic vessels are manipulated in such a way that they “vacuum up” the cellular debris that is in the tissues and carry it away to be disposed of by the body. Most of my clients enjoy deep pressure, so the light touch almost seems non-existent. And yet it works! I’m always a little bit amazed that it works. I don’t know why I feel that way; I understand the science behind the modality, so I shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised. Maybe it’s just that I love helping people so much. I give my best effort and best energy to help people heal, and when they are happy to be healed, I’m happy, too.

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