I read this blog today about the reasons people switch massage therapists. I was floored and amazed that people would actually do those things. I’ve certainly been approached by several people who have tried to get me to sell their products to my clients as a service, but I never do it. If anyone ever asks me where to buy different products or services, I can certainly tell them where to find it, but promote it during a massage? No thank you!

I keep my office clean and organized. I don’t use scented anything unless the client requests an aromatherapy treatment. I don’t talk unless the client wants to talk. If the client tells me that they want me to work on their back for most of the session, I will work on their back for most of the session. I wear professional attire (scrubs). The only thing I do that is sort of on the list is I am barefoot when I give massages. Being barefoot makes me feel more grounded and comfortable. My feet are clean and toenails trimmed.

I listen to my clients and give them a full session. Sometimes I even go over on time at no charge to make sure that the session doesn’t feel rushed. I refuse to use my clients’ time to talk to them about business connections or opportunities, unless they ask. I’m not going to corner the client, after the session and they’re feeling all relaxed, to promote a product or service that they haven’t asked about.

That’s just how I roll.

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