Ways to Stay Healthy

Yesterday in my email I received a link to this article, which basically states that research has “discovered” that exercise + protein = more muscle. I had two thoughts about that. The first was, “Well, duh! Body builders have known that for years!” The second was,”It’s good to have science back up what you already know through experience and common sense.” I’m sure that body building research found that out decades ago. This specific study was aimed at older adults.

If anyone reading this knows me in person, you know that I’m very much into fitness. I lift weights and do yoga and try to eat healthy. Several years ago, I was overweight and unfit. I went to the gym regularly, but my blood pressure was rising and my cholesterol was not good. With the help of a good trainer, who monitored my food intake and helped me learn the right way to exercise, I became more fit and strong that I’d ever been in my life…at age 53!

So when I went to massage school and took a class in physiology and the teacher said that people over 50 don’t gain muscle, I was able to show off my biceps and quads and say, “Oh, yeah? I’m living proof that’s not true!”

The point is, it’s never too late to adopt healthy practices. If you put it off until you are standing on the edge of the grave looking down at your own mortality, the odds are that your efforts, while helpful, won’t make a huge impact. It’s not impossible, but it will be a lot of work. If you start now, when your health is still relatively good, you can prevent and avoid a multitude of illnesses, diseases and health problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

More and more research shows that eating healthy foods and getting exercise prolong not only the years, but the quality of those years. Research is also showing that getting a regular massage is also part of a healthy lifestyle, as it supports the immune system and reduces the incidence of illness. One of my best clients is a prime example of this. At age 65, he is surrounded by people his age who are continually sick. They are consuming pills and remedies for all kinds of ailments. He visits them in the hospital. Meanwhile, he rarely gets sick, and when he does, he recovers without doctor visits or pills in a couple of days. Neither of us believes this is coincidence. He mostly eats right, he exercises regularly, and he gets a massage every two weeks. He says the massages “have saved his life.”

So join the healthy revolution! Put some thought into your food choices. Get out there and move around. And get a massage!

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