Lymphatic Drainage and Healing

I love helping people!

A couple of weeks ago at church, a woman who was teaching the lesson apologized for the way she was fidgeting. She said she had taken a tumble and had injured her leg, which was swollen and painful, and the swelling had not gone down in over a week. After the lesson, I took her aside and told her to come to me and I would treat her as a favor just because I didn’t want to see her suffer.

She came to my office the next day, and sure enough, the leg around the foot and ankle was swollen, and there was a lot of puffiness around the scabbed-over area where she had hit her foot. I spent some time doing some manual lymphatic drainage on the leg and instructed her to stay hydrated and to let me know how it went.

I finally heard from her today and she told me that she was thrilled and amazed with the results. She had come in during the evening after work, and by the next morning the swelling in her foot was reduced enough that she could wear normal shoes. Without further treatment, it took another day or two for her leg to return to normal. If she’d come back the next day, I’m sure the recovery would have been even quicker, although she was thrilled with the results she got. She’s going to write up a testimonial to share with potential clients. She brags on me at work. Nice lady.

The point I’m trying to make here is not to brag on myself, but to brag on the positive effect that massage can have on the body. In this case, lymphatic drainage was used to help the body get rid of the swelling caused by an injury. The client was able to return to full functionality within 24 hours, and I was tickled pink to be able to facilitate that!

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