Lymphatic Drainage Postscript

A couple of days ago, I was fumbling around in the semi-darkness (headed toward opening the drapes so that I could see!) and tripped over my husband’s shotgun that I didn’t know was there. It fell over and landed on my foot! Shotguns are HEAVY. I thought I had broken at least one bone in my foot, the pain was so intense. I couldn’t bear to touch it or move it.

Long story short, I iced it for a while, then examined the damage. I decided it probably wasn’t broken, but the swelling was getting pretty bad, and a nasty bruise was starting. So I did some lymphatic drainage on myself (and applied some essential oils for the pain). By the next day, swelling was nearly gone and the bruising had disappeared!

I was on my feet yesterday and did a bit of walking, which I probably shouldn’t have done. So I did the technique again (just in case). Today, the swelling is still down, and the bruise is barely noticible. I am constantly amazed and thrilled at how much good can be done to heal the body without having to take drugs. In spite of the intense pain, I did not have to take any pain killers. Instead, a few drops of birch oil took away the pain. Instead of taking pain pills and limping around with a sock or some kind of boot for a week, I am walking normally less than two days later.

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