More On Essential Oils

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about essential oils. When I first heard of them, I was skeptical and leery of that “voodoo stuff” that I didn’t understand. A few years later, and I still don’t totally understand it, but I’ve used it enough to know that it works, so I trust my books and reference materials to teach me as I go along. I’m always learning because I’m always getting people who say, “Do you have an oil that will help me with this….” and if it’s something new, I have to go look it up and see which oils to use. Sometimes I have to order something to make a blend for them, so my arsenal of oils is growing.

One of the most popular blends that I make is the Pain Relief blend, containing a mixture of some of the best oils for relieving pain, this blend is really good for joints and muscles. Clients who have purchased it love it.

I’m adding to my stock a nasal inhaler, which can be filled with your favorite oil to inhale (for example, the respiratory and sinus oils would be wonderful in this application), and you can carry it around with you and inhale it as needed. I’m very excited to be receiving my order soon so that I can offer them to people!

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