Lymphatic Drainage And Healing

I’m in the middle of a 3-day class on Lymphatic Drainage.  I love this modality partly because it’s easy on my hands, and partly because it’s one of those modalities that is highly beneficial in the healing process after a surgery or injury. It almost feels “medical.” And no, I’m not claiming to be a doctor or “healer.” I’m just excited to be able to put my hands on someone and assist their body in healing itself, especially if the healing mechanism has been compromised or has broken down for some reason. It’s exciting to be able to help people be healthy and well.

In this session of classes, I have so far learned some deep abdominal techniques that help the organs to function better as well as clear out the pathways for the lymphatics to drain properly; lymphatic drainage on the breast, which is helpful for recovery from breast surgery as well as other mammary issues that women get from time to time; work on the inside of the mouth which helps recovery from dental work and also helps with sinus issues; and treatment of scar tissue that blocks or inhibits the correct flow of the lymph throughout the body.

I’m excited to share this new-found knowledge with my clients!

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