What the Heck is Chicago Massage???

I have a Google search app that automatically looks for new articles that are written about massage and essential oils, my two great passions. Today, up pops this article about the benefits of “Chicago Massage.” I’ve never heard of such a thing, so I went there to read it (you’re welcome to check it out if you wish). After reading it, I’m still not clear on why it’s any different than regular Swedish Massage or any other therapeutic massage. Sounds like a new name for an old technique, probably a way to create some “buzz” and make people think they’re getting something new and exciting¬†and pay more for it, to boot! I wonder if I could do something like that…”My office is the only place where you can receive the One and Only Rainbow Massage, and I’ll only charge you $500 for the privilege.” Um… Yeah.

The truth is that almost all massage offers the same benefits listed in the article. Every educated, licensed, legitimate massage therapist knows them. They aren’t patented or trade-marked. Benefits include:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress. Whether you’ve just had a traumatic experience or are anticipating one, massage will help you to cope better.
  • Reduces elevated blood pressure. This goes right along with “reduces stress and anxiety.” If stress and anxiety raise your blood pressure, then reducing them will lower it. (Duh!)
  • Helps reduces symptoms of autism and ADHD. This is another “see above” benefit. If any person (including children) experiences high levels of stress and erratic behavior from being exposed to the high levels of stimuli in the world (light, noise, talking, crowds, etc.), think how much they would benefit from lying quietly in a dimly-lighted room with soft music playing, someone softly and comfortingly stroking their brow, arms, hands and feet. How would YOU feel?
  • Helps maintain mental focus and clarity. Employers should seriously think about this if there is a lot of stress in the workplace.

Apparently, some are claiming that “Chicago Massage” can cure diseases like cancer, which is not true. Massage does not cure such things. However, having said that, massage DOES support the immune system and helps your body fight off illness and disease. There have been hundreds of studies that show that stressed-out people are more likely to get sick than relaxed people. It just stands to reason that massage will help you reduce your risks. Just remember that a “reduced risk” is not a guarantee against any disease, nor is it a cure. It’s another tool in your toolbox, along with Exercise, Healthy Eating, Having Friends, etc., which all work together to keep you happy and healthy for a long time.

There are even more benefits listed on the front page of my website.

My web page: www.MoonTideMassage.com


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