It’s Been a While

Well, I apologize for my extended absence, if anyone is actually reading this. I get a lot of spam notes, but zero regular notes. Maybe I should emulate The Pioneer Woman and do giveaways or something. I think she’s got sponsors and stuff, though. If any real people are reading, I’d appreciate a note or two to let me know that I’m not talking to myself.

I’ve had a lot of clients lately with neck and shoulder pain. They’re sleeping wrong or are under a lot of stress or they strained themselves at the gym. Whatever the cause, it’s good to know that massage has been shown to be effective in reducing or eliminating pain. Massage encourages the muscles to “let go” of whatever tension or problem they’re holding onto. Sometimes tight muscles are a good thing, as they tighten up to protect an injury, for example, that was received in a sports activity or auto accident. Those taught muscles hold everything in place–a kind of biological splint, if you will–while the injury heals. That’s the kind of muscle tightness that you don’t want to release just yet.  But for the normal stress and strains of everyday life, massage is sometimes the escape you need to let go of your problems for an hour and let somebody take the weight off your shoulders while the world slips away.

Now that spring is here and you’re outside working in the yard, schedule a massage so that your out-of-shape muscles don’t punish you too badly for all the months you’ve been sitting on the couch watching TV.

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