Finding Peace

Are you looking for some peace in your life?

I am a list-maker. I have any number of electronic devices upon which to keep my lists, but I prefer pen and paper. There’s just something satisfying about writing things down and crossing them off. I imagine there’s a study somewhere in the universe (because they study EVERYTHING) proving that writing things down cements them in your mind better than clicking a few buttons on a tablet.

The problem with lists, though, is that they never, EVER end. EVER! Last week, I had the list whittled down to half a dozen tasks, plus three or four daily tasks, but when I woke up on Monday morning, I came up with about 20 more things that I wanted to take care of. Things for my business, things around the house, personal goals, etc., etc. At some point the feeling of accomplishing and being able to “catch up” turns into another stressor. Instead of getting things done in order to have time to sit back and enjoy some quiet time, you fill the quiet time with more things to put on the list. Instead of enjoying each task for it’s own sake, relishing the process of DOING, your mind is racing to the NEXT thing on the list in a race to see how many things you can cross off before you think of something else to add to the bottom.

To many things to do? Need to un-wind and de-stress?I even have “visit my friend” on the list! And instead of just visiting her for the fun of spending time with a nice person, it is now a CHORE. Something that has to be Crossed Off the List.

Sigh! All of this becomes “mind clutter.” I call it the “noise in my head.” My mind is so full of “stuff” that I really don’t have time to sit and be still. A time when I can relax my brain and turn off the world and allow my spirit to relax. It’s my personal opinion that everybody needs to take time to slow down; to stop DOING and just BE.

As a massage therapist, I love when I can help someone cross that bridge into a place where their soul can find peace. I’ve found that when I can let my spirit go to that place while I’m giving a massage, there is a connection between me and my client that transports us both to that realm. I’ve also had clients who are so wound up that they can’t even close their eyes, let alone drift, for their first two or three sessions.

If you have trouble going to that peaceful place, a series of massages might be just the ticket. You’ll thank me later.

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