The Science Nazi

In the massage circles that I travel, there are two camps in the “natural healing” arena. The first camp is the “science based” camp in which all things have to be proven by scientific study and testing. The second camp is the “energy work” camp, in which it is believed that the energy from The Universe flows through the practitioner to heal the receiver. The energy workers believe that their work is just as powerful as the Scientific Method. In the science camp is one person I have dubbed The Science Nazi. She is adamantly against anything and everything that hasn’t been proven scientifically, and any time anyone even attempts to discuss anything else, she jumps in with her two cents’ worth and pummels the life out of the discussion.

For example, recent studies have shown that the theories we were taught in school — that massage flushes “toxins” from the muscles and drinking water after a massage will help flush them from the body — isn’t true. If anyone dares to even mention this, she’s all over them like white on rice, screaming that we need to stop saying that because it isn’t true!!! My philosophy is, “So what? Who cares if it isn’t strictly true? Massage does SOMETHING to help the body, even if we don’t understand exactly what that is, and a bottle of water after a massage just plain tastes good and doesn’t hurt.” I think the only way we will ever know exactly what is happening is to cut open the muscles and examine them while getting a massage. I don’t know anyone who would volunteer for THAT study! Do you?

As for the energy camp, I’m more of a logical, science-based kind of person. In school, I rolled my eyes in the energy classes. It seemed more like hocus-pocus sideshow medicine to me than anything else. It didn’t make sense to me that putting your hands over a persons third chakra could heal their toes. Or something like that. Studies that have been done can never reproduce the same results between different practitioners and receivers. Therefore, the science camp blows it off as invalid.

And yet …

I have personally experienced some amazing things when participating in some of these modalities.

I recently took a Cranial-Sacral class because I had several clients who thought I would be good at it because I have “good energy.” (Their words.) For homework, we had to work on a bunch of different people and take notes. With some of them, I struggled to feel anything. With others, I experienced some amazing things that were confirmed by the client afterward without any coaching from me.

I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the key to a successful “energy” session is to have a spiritual connection with the person. The practitioner needs to tune in to the receiver and the receiver needs to be fully open to receive. If either one is blocked by thoughts of doubt or their mind wanders to their personal problems, the connection just won’t happen and there will be no results. This is also probably the reason that this can’t be scientifically measured. No two connections between two people will ever be exactly the same as another two people. No two practitioners will feel the same thing on the same client.

And the Science Nazis will never “get it” because their minds won’t allow it.

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