The Mad Holiday Rush

I came across this YouTube video today and thought it was amusing as well as a great advertising tool. Black Friday … the “starting gun” of the mad holiday rush. Personally, I stay home because my husband works in the retail sector and he’s told me things that make me not want to be out in the madness. For instance, did you know that the items that are “on sale” at “bargain prices” are frequently marked UP for Black Friday? You could have gotten it cheaper last week! And that super-duper whatchamadoodle that’s cheaper than you’ve ever seen? It’s a piece of junk that will fall apart the first time you use it. The whole thing is psychological. It’s designed to trigger the “feeding frenzy gene” that makes you think you’re missing out on something if you don’t participate, and it squeezes every dime from your wallet.

Step away from the madness! Aunt Bertha can live without that rolling pin with the cute rooster handles. Uncle Bill will survive without the Christmas tree sweatshirt that lights up. They could probably both use a massage…wouldn’t a gift certificate be better?

But if you succumb to the thrill of the chase, there’s a perfect remedy for all the stress you’ve put yourself through. Schedule a massage after you enjoy this video. My contact information is on the contact page.

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