Happy Gardening Day!

It appears that summer has finally arrived! I think it’s a little bit late for our neck of the woods, as it has been unseasonably cool for the last few weeks and the gardening plants are struggling to grow. I’ve been out in the yard at every opportunity, digging up dirt and working out the dirt clods, removing old plants and weeds, transplanting tulips and other flowers, and just generally doing what I can to improve the beauty of my yard and garden. I’m hoping to do better than last year, when hardly anything bloomed and the vegetables were rather sparse.

Gardening is hard work!

gardening massage sandy moon tide massageAll that bending, digging, lifting, sweating, straining that you do while gardening is a lot of exercise, and if you’ve been sedentary all winter, it can be a little hard on your body. Granted, its very satisfying to get your hands in the dirt and feel the coolness of the earth, to work out the hard spots of dirt and make it pliable for new growth, and give back to Mother Earth. It’s very rewarding to see the fruits of your labor later on this summer, when you can smell the flowers, enjoy the colors, and taste the tomatoes warmed by the sun.

But today, or maybe even tomorrow morning, you’ll be feeling it in your back, in your hips, in your neck and arms.

Wouldn’t a massage feel good right now?

Reward yourself with a massage. It will help you to recover from your hard work, keep you in better shape to keep going, make it more rewarding to do all that gardening work. And — let’s face it — it just feels great. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everything that was good for you felt this good? Call today and schedule your appointment before the calendar fills up.


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