Vacations and Massages

Vacation and Massage

The other day I was scheduling a massage for a client. She gets her massages regularly, every four weeks. This time, however, the four-week date fell in the middle of a family vacation, and she was planning to be out of town. So the question came up: Do you schedule your massage just BEFORE you vacation, or AFTER?

Which would you do?

vacation massage sandy utahIf you get your massage before you leave, you’ll be all relaxed and ready to transition into a different space with your family, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life; away from the household chores, the job, the yard work, the responsibilities and commitments of church and friends and other social events.

On the other hand, a vacation can sometimes be more stressful than staying home. For women, at least, it’s a transition from doing your “job” at home and doing it on the road. You’re still responsible for these people, but you’re also responsible for making sure that all of the children stay nearby and safe, that their belongings are constantly accounted for and not left behind at some campground or resort. You’re responsible for keeping the children entertained so that they don’t get tired and cranky and annoy the other travelers. The list goes on and on.

I don’t know about you, but I actually dread “vacations” because they’re more work than staying home.

Then you have to come home. You have to catch up on all the stuff you didn’t do while you were gone, you have to unpack and put away everything, along with several loads of laundry.

It’s a story for another day, but the best vacation I ever had was the week my family went somewhere and left me home by myself. Now THAT’S a vacation!

Anyway …

How do you feel about vacations? Would you schedule your massage before or after? What is best for you?


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