Relax and Enjoy Life

Are you able to relax and enjoy life?

04 every second massage sandyIn today’s fast-paced way of life, I wonder how many people are physically capable of stopping and relaxing. There’s always more to do, more to accomplish. With the internet and Facebook giving us windows into everyone else’s lives, we feel this urgency to keep up. To be more perfect, accomplish more, do more.

Think about it. When you surf Facebook and all the doings of your “friends” (who are mostly just distant acquaintances), you see lists and lists of things to make you feel inadequate and pressured to keep up. Susie went on a fantastic vacation with her husband and four kids and they visited all the great places and it was fabulous! (I should create more memorable things like that for my children, says your inner voice.) Jason read War and Peace and gave it fabulous reviews. (I really need to read more of the classics, says your inner voice.) Karen has started a food blog with recipes for all the fabulous things she cooks for her family. (I really need to be a better cook and fix all these fabulous things EVERY DAY for my family. And blog about it, says your inner voice.) Dave posts the fabulous photos he took while walking in his back yard. They make you drool with their National Geographic-esque artistry. (I should take a class in photography, says your inner voice.)

Feeling the pressure yet?

You’ve only been on Facebook for five minutes! Within 20 minutes you’re ready to call an make an appointment in the nearest psyche ward.

It’s time to relax. First, stop and remember that NOBODY can do it all. You are comparing your worst with everyone else’s best ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You can’t keep up with the whole world. Stop it. Maybe it’s a good idea to turn off your media for a while and just sit focus on your own needs. Does your family really NEED to go somewhere to be a great family? Will reading a book that you’ve heretofore had not interest in really enhance your life? What do you REALLY need?

Sometimes it’s beneficial to just sit under a tree and read a book. Or not even do that much. Just sit in a hammock and ponder the leaves of the tree. Stop. Take care of yourself. Relax.

For a touch of humor, I love the Betty comickstrip this week:

do nothing sandy massage

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