Noise in my Head

Turn down the noise!

I live in the city. Or, more accurately, the suburbs. Most of the time I’m okay with that, but I’m a Country Mouse at heart. I love the earth and the beauty of the flowers and animals that were put here for us to enjoy. I enjoy making that connection and feeling of being “at one with God.”

calm the noise in your brain with sandy massageRecently, though, I have been distracted by the noise of mankind. It is NEVER silent where I live. I’m never alone with my own thoughts. There’s always a barking dog, a lawn mower or trimmer, a truck with a loud muffler, a plane flying overhead, a child screaming or laughing, teens playing or fighting (I’m never quite sure if all their noise is playful or hateful). The noise is endless. Inside my home, my spouse is a television-holic, and it’s on almost every minute that he’s there.

All of this noise assaulting my brain causes calamity in my mind and the inability to form a coherent thought or make a decision or even remember what I was intending to accomplish today. I relish the days when I have the house to myself, when I can turn the TV off and listen to the thoughts rattling around in my head and try to organize them. I’m looking forward to taking a day next week and go up to the mountains to re-connect. If I take pictures, I will share them.

Meanwhile…what do YOU do to calm down the noise in your head? Where do you turn for peace when life is got you in a knot? It’s good to retreat once in a while to a nice, relaxing place to close your eyes and let your mind drift. Where do you go?


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