Fall is in the Air

Fall is coming. You can feel it in the air.

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain pouring down on the roof and on the patio outside my bedroom window. No longer is the morning air warm, inviting me outdoors to see the flowers and renew my soul as my bare feet touch the grass.

No, there’s a definite chill in the air. Fall approaches. I close the windows against the chill and snuggle down under a coverlet for warmth. The fall flowers are showing off the last of their color. They know that snow is coming soon and they’re putting forth their last effort before returning to the earth to hopefully return next year.

The sun is later and later dragging itself out of bed and shedding forth light on the earth. This morning was darker than ever with a heavy cloud cover and rain pouring down. But still, I enjoy the sunrise. It is different every single morning. It’s fascinating to live all these years on this planet and never see the same sunrise twice. And it seems to come and go at a quicker pace than it did in my youth. Where have all the years gone?

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The hummingbirds at my feeder are vying for the last of the fall nectar. In nature, the flowers will stop giving the sweet liquid, so the hummingbirds constantly fight for a position to drink, not knowing that the feeder has a bottomless supply.

Soon, we’ll be picking the fall garden harvest and adding the garden debris to the compost pile to nourish next year’s garden. The hoses will be brought in and the lawn chair cushions stored. And the cycle repeats itself again next year.

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to “fall” into some change for your life, or will you repeat the same habits from the past year that have given you bad results? Are you willing to put away the bad choices that have affected your health and plant the seeds for a new, healthy beginning? What are you willing to throw on the compost heap of your life? What are you willing to start? Does your plan include more vegetables? More activity? Do you have a plan to reduce the stress in your life?


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